Guest Search of Lewisburg Cemetery, Lewisburg PA

To get section and lot numbers of those buried here, enter name(s) (or partial name(s) with wildcard = %)


Once you know the grave location, you can download maps to help you find the grave site.

Note: The Section Letters devised for the CD by Sam Alcorn are not the sections used by the cemetery.

Can't find them? We know that there are some spelling errors in this listing and we ask you to help us find them. Note that the cemetery was opened in 1848 a time during which standardized spelling was still being developed. We find many family names spelled in several different ways, even on the monuments within the same lot.

The "wild card" can be very helpful. Consider replacing vowels and soundless letters with %. For example, TRUTE and TRUITT would sound alike. Searching on TR%T% would bring up several options. We are trying to make sure that the names are spelled on this list in the same way they are on the monuments, if a monument exists and is legible. With some 14,000 names, this is a big problem. Please send corrections to

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